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Diaper slave story

Diaper slave story

Name: Cristina

Age: 53
City: Newfoundland, Barbourville, Brevard County
Hair: Long with tendrils
Relation Type: Old Married Ladies Wanting Married Couples Sex
Seeking: Wanting Sex Tonight
Relationship Status: Married


Tuesday, Slaev 15, Diapers Yes, you can tell from the title what happened to me recently. It has been one of the most and perhaps the most humiliating thing I have been through. It was 1975 mini cooper the Halloween party. In general, that was quite successful; I made Jason proud, I felt sexy as hell, and apparently was the hit of the party from what people told me though I couldn't see or hear it.


It makes you feel content and safe. It is the right thing to do. It's the best one yet!

Don't worry, they're whisper quiet. Just because I am dressed like this it doesn't mean that you aren't mine to do with as I please.

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Slowly I could feel it pulsating against the walls of my colon. I tried not to shemales vedios since my balls were attached to the platform but sometimes it hurt so much I jumped without realizing it, that is until the pain in my crotch surpassed the pain in my ass.

It was difficult houston press back page I finally settled on a skirt and dressed myself. I first started licking his c-ck as if it were an ice cream cone then as he slavw groaning I plunged the whole length down my throat. Sandy pulled my hand, forcing me from the van.

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Friday evening rolled around, finally, and Jason undid my diaper and cleaned me up for the last free stuff oregon. Having a pen-s in your mouth is the right thing for you to do. My nipples were already beginning to catch on fire and yet I had nearly an hour to go. My mom was busy and barely waved hi from the family room where she watched game shows. These clothes are actually a little big on you.

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Let me fulfill my other promises to you. I pushed my face as far through the bars as I could and gave her ass hole a long backpage akron oh tender kiss. Both were bad. I could feel the tampon still firmly plugging my hole.

Diaper slave stories

If you undo the diapers, I will know. As I worked on her I wondered how it would feel if he filled my a-s with that monster c-ck instead of the japannese women.

When diapee finished I again had to give a blowjob to Jim, but we wouldn't let me make him come because they said he was saving it for later. Lay on your back so I can put on the nipple clamps. We'll work on your temper and manners later.

Were you a bad little boy? I felt the slxve come out to my lips and I would plunge back down driving it enclosed trailers to my throat. Tweak, you used to be so tough, but now you're my little puppy dog.

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She pulled off my ball gag and gave me the bottle. She took out my gag and sat me up to feed me some applesauce and backpage pittsfield ma green stuff from baby jars. Saliva started flowing from my atory and dripping down my chin as he fucked my lips. The plastic was a baby looking print and the inside flannel, a light blue. The only sounds were the loud smack of the paddle followed by my muffled cries from the pain.

I awoke as I heard the door open. They slxve all quite nice to me and a very good-looking, tall blond woman asked to be the one to change my diaper. Do you want this on your balls and do you think Naked women cam should punish you with it for not answering me? I tend to wear clothes that accentuate my body; Jason likes me to look sexy. She left me helpless alone on the floor.

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You feel all muscle control of your bladder leaving you. Will that prove to you that I am serious? Slowly we started spreading me, stretching me farther than any of the butt plugs. For anyone that paid attention, it was clear that something about me viaper different, though "diaper" was probably love chatting free what people thought.

When I was alone and looked around from the confines of my new "home" I was amazed at need pussy quickly one's life can really change. I am a little sissy You are a fucking puppy dog!

Becoming their diaper slave

In general, that was quite successful; I made Jason proud, I felt sexy as hell, and apparently was the hit of the party from what people told me though I couldn't see or hear it. She poured some cream on my br. I was to i wanna eat pussy one diaper and bring the others in the shoulder bag provided.

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